Grade 7

“Children’s Rights and Global Friends: Global citizens and their access to basic human rights.”


Brainstorm a cause with your students that matters to them. It can be anything that helps and teaches them that they can make a difference.


Have students search for and select an image that will help engage students in the cause – this is what you are working to help. Post the image prominently in the classroom. Develop and discuss questions about the image and feelings that it evokes.

For issues like poverty, homelessness, and hunger, download and use the I can makeChange Grade 7 poster and lesson plan.


Show students that young people can make a difference by playing the “Share a Little of What You Have” video and the video “Grade 7 Vignette” and discuss these videos using or adapting this lesson plan

“Share a Little of What You Have” a documentary of images of hope and change, encouraging everyone to follow Hannah’s example and “share a little of what you have and care about each other always”, and discuss. (13 mins)

Teachers should preview all video content before screening it for students. Consider classroom and community sensitivities and age-appropriateness.


Select from these lesson plans:

  • Quote Study
  • “Iqbal” – use the book by Francesco D’Adamo or other resources to learn and discuss the story to Iqbal Masih
  • “The Right to Rights” and the video excerpts “Omar” and "Isabel"

    “Omar” is the story of a Palestinian teenager who wants peace, safety and security. (6:10 mins – some graphic images)

    “Isabel” is the story of a teenager from Mozambique who lost her leg to a land mine at age four. (8:30 mins – some graphic images)

Teachers should preview all video content before screening it for students. Consider classroom and community sensitivities and age-appropriateness.

  • “Our Riches” – “Lotsa de Casha” by Madonna

Go to the I Can makeChange interactive pages - have fun and learn!

Teachers may also want to consider The World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child ( and its Global Vote to honour someone in the world protecting children’s rights. Teachers should preview website content before screening or recommending to students.


Making Change! Play the video “Hannah’s Speech” and the song “Make Change”, described in this lesson. See that everyone, no matter what age, can make a difference!


Plan a project to help make change in the school, community, country or world. Use the I can makeChange” Social Action Project Planning Charts to help.

If your project relates to homelessness, hunger, poverty or street life

  • access the great information and resources at The Ladybug Foundation website
  • as part of your action, join Walk a Mile in Their Shoes on January 31 to support The Ladybug Foundation and charities across Canada

Send Hannah an Action Update (attaching authorized photos, video and all!) and share with Hannah all the excitement of how you helped and made change. We will feature your school on our “Making Change with Hannah” web and Facebook page.


Reflect with your students on all that you did and all that you helped. Re-emphasize that they proved that they can make a difference, now and in their futures!

“Thank you for making a difference and changing the world!”
Hugs and Ladybugs, Hannah

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